Of Kisses and Memories

The present changes the past.Looking back into the past, you do not find What you left behind”

~Kiran Desai,The Inheritance Of Loss

This quote reminds me of my  first kiss.It’s a memory which I’m not sure if I want to forget or remember.First things first, it was terrible.It was not a scene from a fairy tale where the Prince  kisses his Princess,not a romantic soap opera that leaves rooms of people in tears.No,it wasn’t any of that.It was awful; like pineapples on pizza awful,like raw eggs with chocolate milk nasty.Although in my defence,it really was my first time, I wasn’t sure what to do and I don’t think she had any idea either.It might possibly the worst kiss I was part of.It was truly  a total disaster.After reading all  this you probably think that everytime i remember it, I would cringe and feel disgusted.But ironically I don’t.Surprisingly whenever I remember that first terrible kiss,I genuinly miss her.

Why?I don’t really know.I shouldn’t.Why would anyone enjoy such a terrible memory?Our minds are complicated creations and the memories they keep are even more confusing.They never really stay the same,they change with time and situations.That is why we never really stop caring about our past lovers and we miss our childhood friends  who may have been complete assholes.Im not going to pretend Iam all knowing or that I’m wiser than everyone but sometimes I believe it’s better to leave the past where it belongs, the past.

9 thoughts on “Of Kisses and Memories

  1. I definitely hate pineapple on pizza it needs to be banned. And I completely see where you’re coming from. Mine was really just gross and a disaster but I waited so long for it and it was genuine. Things didn’t end well but I still think about him. I don’t necessarily miss him but I miss feeling loved even if it was for a minute.


    1. Pinnaples on pizza doesnt make any sense whatsoever.Its like trying to compensate for the extreemly unhealthy meal you are going to have😁.I also miss her at times.Absolutely nothing came out of that kiss we didnt date or anything.But surprisingly, I remember it so fondly.And it makes absolutely no sense to me.

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      1. Ikr! If you’re gonna eat pizza, enjoy it as is.

        I feel like it’s a lot easier to remember 1sts rather than forsay 4ths? It’s not as big of a deal as being your first time for things. I’ve only been with two guys and I dated the guy I first kissed but he had other women on his mind at the time so I don’t particularly miss him. I just miss the compliments and at the time it felt like he loved me even just a little bit but apparently not. The feeling of being wanted, someone choosing you it just feels so great and to just be able to make memories with someone. I genuinely loved his personality and what I thought was him treating me well was just a front so he wouldn’t get caught. Idk it’s in the past but it doesn’t make any sense to me either, don’t worry.


      2. Memories can be so unreliable.Two people can go through the exact same experience and remember it completely different.Some events may have been horrible but when remembering them they turn out beautifully.

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      3. You know, you’d be a wonderful writer. Your whole thought process and then how you write it out in your posts, even in the replies you’ve sent to me are constructed so damn astonishingly.


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