Why Judging A Book By It’s Cover Is Not  Always A Bad Idea.

Can’t turn a ho into a housewife, Hos don’t act right,                              There’s Hos on a Mission…”.               ~Ludacris,Ho

That song reminds me of a story.A modern love story.The story begins with a man who falls in love with a retired stripper.The world tells him it  wouldn’t end in a ride to the sunset,It would end in heartbreak and tears.But love is blind and so he decids to stay,to love her,to prove everyone wrong. He puts his seed in her belly and they have a child.And for a while it really seemed they could prove the whole world wrong.Well sadly, they didn’t prove the world wrong and the whole time she was unfaithful to him.Not exactly the perfect ending to a love story.

 Iam not going to say that he’s dumb for trusting her or she’s a whore for cheating on him.But was his love so blind he never saw the warning signs?Why couldn’t he see what so many people saw?Sometimes we are told things that we don’t want to hear ,so what do we do?We choose to ignore every single warning ,ignore every red light.We  are given warnings by people who love us and actually care about us but how do we react?What do we say “f**k them! Their just haters”.But Maybe,just maybe they’ve seen this movie many  times and the finalé is always tragic

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