Being Alone In a Room Full Of People.

“Is it even worth it anymore.The money and the fame.What the f*CK has it brought me.Only Empty smiles and paranoia.Well I’m tired,I’m tired.I only hope that I’ll be happier dead than Iam alive.”I wonder if these were the last thoughts on Robbin William’s mind before he slid his neck between the knot and kicked the chair committing suicide.Did Whitney Houston think this before she decided it was enough and offed herself.Why would a person with legions of admirers feel so frustrated with life that they commit suicide.Were they so lonely that they had no one to share all their pain with.

I don’t know, but I do know that  you could be laying next to your girlfriend in bed at night and yet feel so alone.You could be in a club turning up with your friends but your dying  alone inside.The world is a cruel place,It will test you and will break you if you lose yourself for even a moment.I don’t know how not to be lonely.You would think after writing all this shit I would tell you how to help yourself.But I don’t.In life were just fucking swimming ,just swimming till you drown.Surviving, surviving till you die.At times the tides will rise and crush you,leaving you gasping for air.But the truth is in the end we will all drown.The great irony of life is that we live so that one day we can die.

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.”

~Khalil Ghibran

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