I’m Done Listening To R.Kelly.You Should Stop Too.

I will miss that song right there.That beat gets me every time and it always sends chills through my spine.His vocals,the whole song is just flames🔥🔥.But I just can’t listen to it like before.Not with what I know.Whoever  said that “ignorance is bliss” couldn’t have said it better.I wish I could just ignore everything I’ve read ,but I can’t unsee the words.I can’t forget those voices.They are too loud to be forgotten.The beat still sends chills down my spine but for all the wrong reasons.I can’t look at R.Kelly the same way, it just hurts.
I woke up today and I didn’t know how much my world would change that day.I went online to one of my favourite music blogs and scrolled through the articles.One caught my eye.And it was about R.Kelly.He had just been cleared of multiple charges of child pornography in a trial that had lasted six years.I didn’t see why it was such a big deal at first until I actually read everything.I read every single complaint against him.And every single time my heart broke a little more.It all started with the girl who at 14 years old was raped and then had the videotape of her rape played and replayed and analyzed and dissected, brutal frame by brutal frame, for a jury of disbelieving strangers.Imagine being among the jurors?Watching it frame for frame.Would you look away? Well dont. If only for a moment, give her your attention. 

Iam ashamed that I forgot it was a child in the middle of all of it.I can  see her parents putting on a brave face for their child but crying behind closed doors and I see Kelly, unrepentant and untouched, and Iam nauseated. The even sadder reality is that she was not the only one.If i start writing about  them one by one,I will sink into a depression I might never get out off.If you want to read about them the link is – https://www.villagevoice.com/2013/12/16/read-the-stomach-churning-sexual-assault-accusations-against-r-kelly-in-full/.
Some people say we should separate the artist from their art.But how can you really do that knowing everything you do?

12 thoughts on “I’m Done Listening To R.Kelly.You Should Stop Too.

  1. Superb start in your blogging adventure, loving the way that you write and the style that you bring out your posts to the readers, very insightful, and filled with veracity. Really love the theme that you have chosen for your blog. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


  2. I was done years ago. I, at times, will let Remix to Ignition slide in because I just love that song. But then I feel dirty and turn it off and wish I could hear that done by someone else. I could never quite figure out how people kept defending him through the years. I hope more people come around now that he’s being investigated for not letting women (maybe girls) leave his home.


      1. It can be hard. The same argument comes into play with Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, and others. How do you look past rumors and accusations and often, proof, and still see their work. I love Woody Allen movies but I feel icky watching them.


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