God’s Not Dead 2 Is Possibly The Worst Movie Ever Made

First off, I would like to start by saying that this movie is total and absolute Garbage.The kind of garbage you wouldn’t even let a homeless man search through.About twice I stopped watching and just wanted to quit ,to just throw in the towel.To continue, I had to give myself the kind of talks you give yourself on mornings that  you dont want to go out for a jog.Where you tell yourself that it will all be worth it in the end and that after all the pain and suffering you will become a better and wiser man.How wrong could I have possibly been?Iam no critic by any means.We always seem to disagree.I think Adam Sandler is a comedic genius but they think he is anything but that.I hope that also informs you how incredibly low my bar is.Yet I still hated this movie.I entered this movie expecting mental and emotional engagment.But the moment the opening credits stopped and  the first scenes came to a close,I knew this movie would be absolute bullshit.
The plot is so bad,that it makes forest gump look Oscar worthy.The story develops so poorly that I ended up rooting for the”bad guys” (who were?You guessed it ,atheists).I was excited about seeing Jesse Metclafe since I thoroughly enjoyed his performances in the TV show;Dallas.But what I got was just dissapointment.It was actually pretty sad to see how far he had fallen.This movie does one thing impressively though.It manages to hit every single cliche that is out there.And I mean every single one.From the big bad atheists trying to stop Christianity, to the Chinese father who doesn’t want his child to be a Christian and the rookie lawyer giving a final impassionate speech after all hope is lost.Chances are that if you think something is going to happen,it probably will.There is only one mildly intriguing scene at the end but don’t let me spoil That for you😒.

But my biggest issue by far is the harm that  this film may actually cause.Bible thumping,choir singing, testimony giving Christians may actually take this nonsense seriously.They may actually believe they are under attack.Not Muslims or Sikhs but Christians.This movie would be laughable if only it didn’t pull on the heartstrings of gullible Christians who will look for validation of their faith and not the reality of the matter.

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