Sometimes It’s Better Not To Know.

Sometimes I hate science.Most times actually.Maybe it’s because  I’m so bad at it.Or maybe im just an ignorant asshole about to spew more nonsense?It’s probably both. Science has improved life generally, I’ll be the first to admit it.Science is the reason Iam able to publish such ignorant stuff and no one can stop me,and iam grateful for that.

But it has taken away so many things I used to romanticise.Things like the sun and the moon.Things like human thought and concepts like love.Love has essentially been relegated to a chemical reaction.Imagine that.Its not a spiritual connection with your long lost soul mate,its not finding your lost hip.Its the same as a peice of pottasium reacting with water,only that it’s happening in your brain.The moon is just a dusty peice of rock floating around the earth.The sun is just a big bowl of gases that are on fire.And the saddest of all.That we aren’t the centre of the universe.That the sun and all the heavenly bodies aren’t meant for us.To serve us.The truth is much more bleak.That we are just a lucky peice of Rock that could sustain life which is floating around a star which is not the most impressive star.And that people is my incredibly  ignorant 2 cents.

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