Iam Hopelessly Falling For A Girl And It Absolutely Terrifies Me.

I honestly never thought i’d write something like this.Not in my wildest dreams.Iam not a person who usually shares his feelings.I wear my feelings on my sleeve and fold them up high.So if Iam crappy at this,bear with me.But Goddammit,Iam hopelessly falling in love with her.

Cupid finally found me.And shot right through me.My heart is spiralling out of control.I can’t stop myself from smiling whenever I think of her.I can’t stop daydreaming like a little naive girl thinking of prince charming.Everytime I close my eyes,I smell her and feel the heat from her skin.I want her so much it makes my knees weak.

But I have a crippling underlying feeling.That Iam going to get hurt.That my heart will be torn and it will probably never mend again.What if this doesn’t work out?How will I wake up the morning after?If it all falls apart,will I ever love again?But I guess all I can do is live one day at a time,one moment at a time.❤

24 thoughts on “Iam Hopelessly Falling For A Girl And It Absolutely Terrifies Me.

  1. I completely get you. Falling in love is terrifying and you honestly never know what may happen. I say let nature run its course. It’s better to have loved and got hurt than to never have loved at all. Let yourself fall, enjoy every second of it. If it does fall apart then you’ll always have those memories. In the beginning of broken-heartedness those memories with be painful but I promise you with time, you’ll think back and be grateful for the moments with her. It’s totally up to you but my suggestion would be to let it happen, have no regrets and take the risk. It’ll be worth it even if it ends in tragedy, the experience will shape you and add to who you are as a person. You never know.


    1. I don’t even know.At times I feel like deleting her number and unfollowing her socials and ghosting her completely.Iam not use to feeling this out of control.Ive never really felt this way.Iam fucking terrified,Iam not sure I want to take any risks.I just want to feel ok again.

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      1. That can be a difficult decision, I completely understand. But let me ask you this, How much do you care about her? Are you going to be okay knowing you could hurt her in order to feel okay? I’ve been ghosted, it sucks and depending on the relationship with the person it can be hurtful. However if you honestly feel like you are better off without her in your life, without her presence than I could see why you’d want to do that. It is terrifying but that’s okay. I know a quite a few of guys that this happens to, I don’t know if I can give a whole lot of advice. Make a pro-con list (it sounds really stupid I know but try it) are there more pros than cons or vice versa. Think about it, maybe even ask her how she feels about you? If the feelings are mutual and she cares about you, it might work out. Don’t jump the gun and ghost her unless you’re positive you need her removed from your life. Because if you’re in an out, thats going to make a bad rep for you to her and she may think “Oh he doesn’t like me” or “He’s not staying constant, maybe I shouldn’t get attached because I’ll end up hurt” She could be going through the exact same feeling you are right now. But think it over before making a big decision. Good luck!


  2. This is beautiful.
    My advice,we don’t know the future do all we can do is enjoy the now.
    Ride that wave.Be happy.Take a chance at love 😊
    And if you’re going to crash and burn, you might as well make it glorious☄

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      1. Awwwwwww. Just let the love happen to both of you. It’s such a beautiful thing and should entertain no fear. I wish you the best😍. Yours sincerely, fairygodmother😂

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