No One Cares What Is On The Inside.

I am serious,no one gives a crap.I know It sounds harsh but it’s true.I know from a kid you were told that it doesn’t matter whats on the outside but whats on the inside.But It does,it really does.If your fat,poor,broke or ugly that’s just who you are.If you don’t believe me,look at how a surgeon is treated over a janitor.Or how a model is treated over everyone else.The world is just as shallow as you think it is.We don’t walk around reading minds.If you are  special,show us.If your funny or smart,show it.You are The only one who knows what is on the inside is you.The rest of the world can only use their eyes and ears.

When every single girl turns you down,you get pissed.In your head she is suppose like you because your”a nice guy”.Get over yourself.You wearing a shirt that look like a mop.Your haircut looks like garbage.Expecting to be liked for being nice is like expecting people to watch a movie you made simply because its in English.Instead of asking “Why don’t pretty girls  like me” ask “How can I be a person pretty girls like?”.

Go to the gym,buy some fresh clothes and get an amazing haircut.Work harder,be more aggressive at your job.Go for the girls you like.Be everything you think you are.Don’t let fear make you another face in the crowd.

9 thoughts on “No One Cares What Is On The Inside.

  1. I can’t say I disagree, because what we hear and see is first impression. It takes time to get to really know someone and see who they are as a person aside from appearance. I can definitely see where you are coming from, but I wouldn’t say I’m like that. Someone could be the trashiest person I’ve ever seen, but if they’re nice to me, they deserve it back. I am constantly keeping my initial opinions of people in check. Judging others is SO easy, but if you at least Try to make an effort and base your judgement around who they are as a person, it’s not that difficult. I always try to keep that in mind. Every time I meet someone I make an effort to get to know them instead of assuming who they are based on their looks. I was skeptical to post my pictures on my blog because people can be so judgemental and I don’t want people to talk to me because of how I appear. I’m short 5’1, people’s initial reaction is I’m 12, basically a little kid so they don’t want to ‘be friends’ for say. Little do they know, I’m almost 17. Another example, When I’m not wearing makeup I also look younger. Under all that concealer I have dark circles from not sleeping so people assume I’m on drugs. If they’d take the time to get to know me, they’d know I’ve never touched a drug in my life, my family and people I’m close to have been addicted so why would I follow that same path? People just need to stop judging and take the time to get to know/ understand others.

    Sorry this got like rant-ish. But yeahh

    Also, thanks for commenting on my post, means a lot.


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    1. Yeah,your experiences with drugs are pretty scary.You would probably be the last person to take drugs.What I mean by this article is that people use the excuse”what matters is on the inside” to prevent themselves from actually taking steps to improve themselves.It sounds harsh to say all that matters is on the outside but it is kind of true.Anyway thanks for your insight

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      1. Ah, Okay I didn’t quite pick up on what the whole point was, but I definitely get it now. That is pretty common for people to just not take care of themselves and then go on to say that their outside appearance doesn’t matter. It does take some part in mattering because you want people’s impression of you to be as good as it can be. Yes, of course!


  2. Wow, interesting read! It is true, no one cares about what’s on the inside; we’re all hard-wired that way. But sooner or later we tend to fall out of love with the shallow exterior and want to dig deeper. I think the disappointment comes up when we want acceptance from everyone else even though they’ll never see what’s inside.


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