Why are so many priests pedophiles?Why is no one doing anything about it?

Imagine being a child from a poor community.The kinds of communities that lean on the church.Where the preists take on mythical proportions.One day the preist chooses you to serve as an alter boy.Calling it an honour would be an understatement.What a joy it is to be chosen by a man of God.You serve him,you serve God,as an alter boy.Your family is proud of you and your neighbours jealous of your family.One day he summons you to his chambers.You begin to talk about casual church matters.You then notice him slowly unbuckle his belt and it isn’t long before his trunks fall off.He then starts to touch himself slowly in front of you.He looks at you.He points at you with his index finger and signals you to come closer to him.He tells you get on your knees.Terrified and confused,you ask him why.He suddenly takes on a harsh expression  and with a stern tone asks if you dare disobey him,that you dare disobey God.So you get on your knees and he stands above you with his crotch directly in front of your face.He doesn’t need to tell you what to do next.You go home feeling powerless and frightened.You don’t tell your parents because you know they won’t believe you and also because you are not entirely sure of what happened.Your young mind cannot make sense of such an occurrence.So you move on.

My story seems like an over exaggeration.Like Iam trying to sensationalise a sensitive situation.But unfortunately this story falls in line with the 5500  accounts of reported cases by victims of rape by preists.The church is a place your supposed to feel safe.No not feel safe,be safe.But apparently this place is ground zero for some of the most perverted shit one could Imagine.Ive always been astonished by pedophilia.What is so undeniably irresistible about a 9 year old child?Theyre barely adolescent.The saddest part is that the church spend more time covering this up than punishing the preists.Ive always been against religion,but this dimension makes me outright despise it.

9 thoughts on “Why are so many priests pedophiles?Why is no one doing anything about it?

      1. You misunderstand. The issue you are tackling here is paedophilia in the church. But you’re going at it in a manner that implies that majority of priests are paedophiles. Paedophilia cases have been reported, ut happens. That much is true. But your post only shows how the church is a child raping center. It only tells that one story. This can be like to the way Africa has been portrayed by the West. Sure, there have been rapes in congo, genocides in Rwanda, famine and et cetera. And this is what a lot Of people in the west see Africa as. But they also don’t see that its a land full of marvelous, intelligent and innovative people. Most of them only know the stereotypes. And stereotypes are only one part of the story. Your anger is warranted through.

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      2. Wht you are saying is true.And I get how it may come off as stereotypic.It probably is.But for something like Africa it is a few incidents that are oversensualised.In the church its a different case.The church itself has been covering up for a while.The reported cases are only those who were actually brave enough to speak up.The last pope resigned because of just how bad pedophilia was.He is the only pope to ever resign.Its not a few isolated cases.Check it out.The catholic church in us spent2.6 billion on these cases alone between 20004-2012.75% of it on settlements which had a clause which didn’t allow victims to speak out.The whole church pedophilia thing is underreported.Just Imagine how many victims 2.6 billion could silence.And that’s only in the U.S.Everything Iam saying is weell documented.Look what Iam saying up.


  1. I disagree @Chor.d I don’t think he was implying all churches are like that he was just bringing up the cases in which it does happen and how sickening it is. As I do see where you’re coming from, I don’t think you perceived the post as it was meant to be. It’s not just in churches, teachers, coaches, people you’re supposed to look up to. But that doesn’t perhaps mean that every teacher/coach/priest is so foul-minded. It was just touching base on the one’s that DO.



    1. Yeah.And It’s especially haunting that it happens in a place that is suppose to be the safest place in the world.A refuge to the beaten and the downtrodden.Being raped by a coach/teacher is horrific.But a preist?The man who is the living embodiment of God.It is a million levels of fucked up.It is one of those things that scars you for life.

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      1. Definitely. I’ve always been a little “lost” when it comes to religions, and hearing about how there are people who are supposed to be living holy lives go and do really fucked up things like this makes it even more difficult to really commit to going somewhere that’s meant to be the safest place, but not really know if you can trust some of the people. Nobody should have to go through that kind of horror.


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