The Tragedy And Hypocrisy Of The Black Race.

Iam tired,so tired.Of thinking that this race could save itself,that it could be saved.I go from moments of great hope to  utter depression thinking about my race.We seem to take a step forward then a two back.How many more blows can we take?How many more rounds can we last?Till we finally tumble to the ground.From apertheid,to slavery,to colonialism,to the economic rape of Africa,to mass incarceration,to olice brutality.Can we catch a break.Will we ever catch a break?

Its like we put out a bushfire and the forest starts burning.Were back to slavery again.The black man is in chains again.And this time not in some foreign nation but in the motherland,Africa.The libyan slave market.It makes me turn in my sleep that you can own another human being.At a price cheaper than an Iphone.I guess its because blacks are not really human,its like the extra melanin relagates us to 2nd class beings.There is absolutely no noise or outrage about it.No trending hashtags,minimal news coverage.Just a few casual hashtags which just feel ingenuine.As if it was done more out of obligation than genuine concern.

Black lives seem to only matter if they are in the US.They protest and talk a big game.The always talk about slavery,claiming it as the beginning of the crucifixion of the black race.But when they see actual slavery.You would think they would be up in arms.But no, just crickets.Its as if once you have melanin in plenty,you are destined to a life of toil and struggle.

If this article makes you feel depressed  then you  understand exactly how i’ve been feeling.

6 thoughts on “The Tragedy And Hypocrisy Of The Black Race.

  1. Haha, this actually got me thinking of answers more than depressed. I sometimes have this thought in my mind of “Africans have to fight till they are strong enough to colonize all these other continents”- not literally. It keeps me going as it is a constant reminder of having to go extra hard and looking at the brighter side of this lessons we are learning from such sad events.


  2. Read Deutronomy 28 all of it, this will give you the answer to why we blacks suffer. The truth will set you free, there is no smoke without fire.


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