Of Lost Love And Broken Promises.

Today I come with a story.A story not from my own personal archive of personal horrors and unresolved demons.It comes from the memory banks of another.A story that has been told so many times that we often forget how tragic it is.We forget how painful it feels and we think its just another story.I hope this wont be one of them.

This story comes from a soul.One who told a story that has been narrated by different mouths and frankly too many.About one who gave her heart away when they should’ve kept it close.One who lived to regret it.One who was changed forever because love is a complicated little thing.Naive in its trust and forgiving in its misgivings.

Girl meets boy.Girl falls in love and boy thinks he’s fallen in love.But boy meets another girl.And then another.Girl is betrayed but his earnest apologies make look away.Eventually she really sees him as he is.Then she realizes.That this isn’t a movie or a story.That maybe she was wrong,and she loved the wrong man.That love is wrong.That her heart is wrong.

So now she goes through life mistrusting and keeping away from anything that reminds her how she felt.Never listening to the greatest betrayer she ever had,her heart.Because although she knows all he did.His texts still gives her butterflies.His voice still makes her quiver.

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