Reminiscing About Donuts Undelivered.

I remember the irritated look on your face because you couldn’t find something.Something worth gifting your friend.A friend who had some unmemorable name that I forgot as soon as you mentioned it. And it left me wondering how hard it is to just pick out something. You were always complicated I guess. And then the relief of finally finding something.Something called Peleka Donuts.

I remember planning to order from them.Getting as far as calling them.But I never did.Even after all these months.All this because of simple moments,events that transpired between us.Because of memories of you,of us.Something as mundane as a page sends me spiralling through a wave of emotions.Each wave rocking the ship harder than the last.Waves of anger,excitement and frustration. Your voice like a siren, guiding my ship to its doom.

To you, I probably mean as much as those donuts. I guess were both convenient.Donuts as a gift and me as your performer.Performing pieces that leave a bitter taste in my mouth but leave you with belly full of laughter.We are both at your service, at your disposal.And the currency that you pay me with is that of false promises and fake love.

I probably expect too much.Maybe I should tell you how you make me feel. But just like those donuts never delivered I guess those words will be left unspoken.

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