Everyday shit,Everynight shit.

With each sunrise I drag myself from this bed,hoping that this will be the day.The day life will finally give me a pleasant surprise.And with each sunset I go back to bed dissappointed.Im tired of this mindless toiling in the sun.The fruits of my labour are always sour,always turning to ashes in my mouth.Time doesn’t seem to care either,always seeming to move faster when I have moments I wish would never end.But I guess even the best of times have to end,because the sun has to set and rise again.

I always think I’m one step away from escaping all this misery.That on the summit of this mountain there are endless sunrises.But now that I’m here,I realise I’ve been here so many times.So many times thinking that this is finally the path to streets paved with gold and rivers of milk and honey.But I’m here again.But this time Its so cold,Its so dark. The air is so thin I can barely breath.

Im so tired of searching and I wonder if this is all I’ve been dreaming of.I feel cheated.All my life,all the voices of all the wise men.They all told me here is where I would find everything I ever wanted.Where all my desires would be fulfilled.But all I see are these corpses.All with the same look.The same look I have right now.The look I will have when I join them.

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