Strangers in the night.

It doesn’t matter how we met.It doesn’t really matter how we got to this point.But were here.Its already getting dark and I’m rushing to see you.I look calm but inside my soul there are only whirlwinds and thunderstorms.Because iam a terrible human being and I know this.Youre the only one among us who doesn’t know this yet.

You’re already sitting there in the cafe.And I wonder what you’re thinking about.Maybe you’re thinking about me and wondering why I’m so late.I’m on my way even though I know you’ll wish I never came at all.I know that today is the last day you’ll ever see me,I wonder if you do too.

You’re a wonderful being who deserves better.Better than me,a shallow man with shallow pursuits.I wish I could look past all you’re flaws and imperfections.I wish that my heart could beat for someone like you.But I’m not such a man.

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