One bright morning when this life is over.

Back when I was younger I use to be so terrified of death.Maybe it was because of this whole thing about heaven,hell and the devil.Nowadays not so much.Probably because these days I sin a little too much, the kind of sins that a young Katwa would hear about on a cold morning mass at Don Bosco.But I guess I’ll leave all that for a better man than me to judge,the day the trumpets sound.I can already imagine all the shiny suits.All the red roses and hushed tones.Everyone with words in their mouth that make them feel better.Ive always been a late comer but I guess it’ll be time to add the late to my name.The mahogany box will probably better than any bed I’ve ever laid.Probably also the best sleep I’ve ever had.I wonder where I’ll be.I don’t think anything happens when we leave this place but I have pretty poor foresight.I might wake up to my skin burning or reincarnated as some fly.I usually have terrible luck.But maybe after this terrible life I’ll get a lucky break. hopefully I’ll be gone,to where?Nowhere I guess,just some long dreamless sleep.But who knows.