Warm Water For The Teeth.

I remember a conflict from my childhood,one  that involved my father and our then landlord.In this case the landlord played the usual role that all spiteful landlords like to play,he cut off the lights and water.And my father played his,although I’m not sure if it was that of a proud man or of a caring father.I use to be dead scared of the dark.I couldn’t sleep without the lights on.Dont get me wrong,I wasn’t a kid who was afraid of much.Fool Hardy a more accurate description than courageous.But I was afraid of darkness and the landlord had cut the lights to our flat.

So one day,not too long after,I had just stepped out of the schoolbus and there it was,a moving truck.So we moved to a new home,not far from where we use to live.Only this time the house was ours.Our dominion to rule with no spiteful landlords.Only me and my dad.A 6 year old and a 28 year old in our humble bachelor pad.We had lived in a 2 bedroomed flat and now we had a mansionette with 4 bed rooms but the best part,it had a flight of stairs.It always seemed to me that the absolute symbol of wealth was having a staircase.The sheer arogance of having to move from humble ground to a room suspended in air just so you can sleep.The innocence of childhood is truly beautiful.

But the thing i remember most was it only being the two of us.This meant he had to prepare me for school and our school system was pretty draconian.At 5 in the morning the bus was always there,roaring impatiently outside my gate.I hated being up early,all kids do.But I always wondered how early he woke up.I never found out but every morning when i woke up and washed my face,when i brushed my teeth .The water would always be warm,never cold.And  my cup of tea would always be warm,never hot.He did this everyday for a very long time.I dont know how early he had to get up or how long it took him to regulate the temperature of all these fluids.It didn’t seem like much then but looking back at it now,I realize how much love this simple act contained.Now whenever someone asks me what love looks like I can point to that and say, love looks like”warm water for the teeth”.

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