Sins Of The Father

“The sins of the father are visited upon his children.” As far as ideal situations go,lying in a pool of you’re  own blood in the school laundry room isn’t one of them.A close second is being stabbed by the school prefect.But thats just the situation im in.And if im honest its my  fault. Whenever I … More Sins Of The Father

The Wages Of Sin Are Death.

‘Some glad morning when this life is over,                                                            I’ll fly away…’ When I looked into those eyes,I knew the truth.A simple truth.I understood the deceit and the trick that had been  played on me.If I’m being honest,I wanted to act out my lie.But that’s all it was,a lie.I remember when I saw you, after you’re … More The Wages Of Sin Are Death.

To Zion

ACT 1. I remember the first time I saw her,there she was dancing in some dinghy backstreet bar.The kind of bars with music that makes sure you remember that you’re just a sorry drunk.A miserable drunk with nowhere to go and not much of a future ahead of you.I was young then, maybe a little … More To Zion

Of Mice And Men.

I like to drown,drown in the unbounded shores of my mind.Listless fantasies so long that no scribe could ever finish.I guess that’s why I like that you’re boat came to my shores. How many times have you crossed my mind.How much did I want it to be true.Im a cynic by nature but for you … More Of Mice And Men.

fly,fly away

Where to start.Where does a person start?Maybe I should start by saying I knew this would happen.That I chose blindness.That I believed everything you said, even when it wasn’t true. You’re not to blame.I guess I just wanted to to be a believer for once.To lose myself completely in something.To just forget to think for … More fly,fly away

I don’t mean to be a bother.

There are things you wish could stay buried deep within you.Memories that deserve a dark corner,never to see light again.But the truth is no matter how far you run,no matter how fast,you cant outrun yourself.Deep wounds,leave bigger scars.The scars don’t go away,they just sit there taunting you.