fly,fly away

Where to start.Where does a person start?Maybe I should start by saying I knew this would happen.That I chose blindness.That I believed everything you said, even when it wasn’t true. You’re not to blame.I guess I just wanted to to be a believer for once.To lose myself completely in something.To just forget to think for … More fly,fly away

I don’t mean to be a bother.

There are things you wish could stay buried deep within you.Memories that deserve a dark corner,never to see light again.But the truth is no matter how far you run,no matter how fast,you cant outrun yourself.Deep wounds,leave bigger scars.The scars don’t go away,they just sit there taunting you.  

New Horizons.

The longer I gaze into this abyss ,the more I realize that the emptiness stretches on forever.Maybe if I stare a little longer I wont feel so lost.But all I see is nothingness that seems  to never end.The skies above me seem to go on forever,indifferent to my dilemma.I wonder  if even they realize how … More New Horizons.

Rocky shores

I feel my breath getting shorter,my lung are filling up.I guess im drowning in these waters,these waters that use to soothe me so much.I keep looking around but I can’t see you.Where are you?Have you already sunk to the bottom.Maybe you decided to swim to safer shores when you realized the turbulence in these waters.I … More Rocky shores